“TROUBLESHOOTING ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY – Tales from the BoardTalk Crypt” by Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall



by Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall


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Troubleshooting Cover


About the Book

 BoardTalk had its humble beginnings as a SMT expert Q&A session with Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall at an SMTAI conference. Ten years and over 200 episodes later, the “Assembly Brothers – Pick and Place” have transcribed their informative discussions from, where BoardTalk is streamed all over the world.

What the Industry is Saying

“This is an outstanding book.  BoardTalk has become a legend in our time dealing with the daily production issues and questions, now we get the book version.  Can’t wait for the movie!” – Terry Munson, Foresite, Inc.

“A great reference book for anyone associated with the electronics assembly industry.   The Assembly Brothers’ compilation should be a starting point to answer those large and small questions that don’t need to be guessed at in your manufacturing operation.    Jim and Phil’s wit and wisdom make it very readable (the wit) and valuable (the wisdom).” – David Raby, STI Electronics


“Board Talk has been an industry feature for ever. The Podcast version surfaced before Podcasts were the in thing so a book distilling the Best of The Best to a handy guide is bang on. Jim and Phil have stayed true to original philosophy helping industry understand defects and the root causes.” – Bob Willis,


“This book serves as a “first place to start” reference covering the covering a huge bandwidth of critical topics in electronic assembly technology. The Assembly Brothers present key elements of electronic assembly in a humorous, knowledgeable manner allowing the reader to have an initial understanding of a topic and set a foundation for additional due diligence.” – Dave Hillman, Rockwell Collins


“In today’s rapid fire world of electronics assembly the process engineer will often find himself dealing with an issue and not being able to get immediate assistance.  Phil and Jim have compiled a significant amount of the questions asked by those trying to manufacture the best quality and reliability products, and provided the answers to help deal with the issues.  This book not only helps to resolve tough technical issues but does so in the folksy way that the Assembly Brothers spoke during their podcasts.  Nice stuff guys. “- Greg Caswell, Ansys Corporation


“In this book Jim and Phil share a wealth of SMT knowledge and history intermixed with a down to earth sense of humor. They skillfully answer questions about new, emerging technologies in addition to providing sage advice for solving problems with older, more established technology. This compilation of informative and entertaining stories is a must read for anyone working with SMT. ” – Rob Rowland, Axiom Electronics