Low Volume - High Mix SMT Mfg Coursebook 002

Low Volume – High Mix SMT Manufacturing Coursebook


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Product Description

In many regards, Low Volume electronic assembly can be far more demanding than manufacturing high volume of a product.  Add to this a high mix of products and the challenges involved in maintaining quality and efficiency become very perplexing.  Sadly, many low volume – high mix manufacturers succumb to the difficulties and this becomes apparent at the bottom line.

This Coursebook (as used in the ITM Low Volume – High Mix SMT Manuacturing workshop)  examines the complications of low volume assembly and presents concepts and adaptations that work.  Based upon the collective low volume-high mix manufacturing experiences of ITM consultants (Joe Belmonte, Phil Zarrow, Jim Hall, Bob Klenke, and Ron Lasky) , Design of process, documentation and inventory management and even application of SPC are all discussed.

Topics Covered

•         What is a Low Volume High Mix Manufacturing Process?

•         Manufacturing Organization

•         Designing a low volume high mix manufacturing process

•         Process Monitoring

–        Developing Effective Work Instructions

•         Process Training

•         Job Sequencing

•         Set Up /  Changeover (for individual products)

•         Customer Satisfaction