Production Services

DFM Problem Resolution

Design for Manufacturability and Assembly remains the biggest nemesis for the electronic assembler. ITM has expertise and experience in resolving DFM problems. The effective PCB designer must be knowledgeable with respect to the characteristics and capabilities of the SMT assembly process including soldering, placement, cleaning and testing. Most aren’t !  We perform DFM for Assembly […]

Contamination Failure Analysis

Contamination issues can be both difficult for the manufacturer to track down and very costly with regard to yields and field failures (“escapes”). ITM has experience and expertise in identifying root cause(s) of contamination and recommending directions for mitigating the problem. ITM works on-site to examine the entire assembly process –from “dock to stock” –from […]

Failure Analysis – Assembly Processes

  Whether you are struggling with new technologies or a stubborn defect, ITM can help you resolve the problem expeditiously and economically. Whether lead-free or lead-inclusive, ITM’s experienced consultants, with our proven diagnostic routines and resources can help you determine the source(s) of yield lowering defects as well as improve processes believed to be under […]

Process Development and Implementation

  ITM can assist you in setting up any assembly process which may be new to your facility, expanding your current process or developing a new capability including: Any Standard Surface Mount Assembly Process Lead-free Process No-clean Process [*note] Reflow of Through-hole Direct Chip Attach Ball Grid Array [* note] No-Clean Implementation has been so […]

SIX-SIGMA Lite (CIPQ) and LEAN Lite (Lean Manufacturing)

  In today's difficult times, quality and profitability have never been so important and so challenging. Yet, it surprises many people to find that very small improvements in productivity can result in exponential improvements in profit. Here is an example. Let's say you were losing just 3 minutes per shift each day. Maybe you waited […]

Lean Six-Sigma GREEN BELT

Electronics Manufacturing Industry Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Offered exclusively by ITM Consulting Lean Six Sigma is a combined process-improvement methodology that accelerates processes, increases efficiency, and reduces or eliminates variation. Whether you are a CEM or OEM, competition for the same customers is increasing throughout the electronics industry, putting company profits on the line.  […]

PCB Fabrication Source Evaluation

  Finding good, capable sources for bare-PCB supply is difficult. Seldom does the capability to analyze PCB fabrication processes and sources exist in OEM or CEM operations. PCB fabrication is a complex combination of several processes, any one of which, if not properly controlled, can cause immediate or latent board failure, negatively effect assembly processes […]

CEM Assessment / Evaluation / Auditing

  Electronic manufacturing has always been and always will be demanding. With constant change, small margins and very challenging economic currents it is essential that the suppliers you trust your PCB assembly and fabrication to are the best and performing optimally. Do you really want to leave selection and ongoing assessment of your suppliers to […]

Process Audits

ITM's unique SMT Process Audit begins with us bringing our PC Board Fabrication and SMT Assembly expertise on-site to your facility. Unlike other audits, we don't just point out what you are doing wrong — we make positive and objective recommendations on how to do it right. We concentrate on improving your assembly process as […]

Telephone Consultation Service

ITM Consulting Telephone Consultation Service “Consultant on Tap”   Do you need some advice on a nagging defect causing problem?  Have questions about possible alternative technologies, materials or component packages?  Are you wondering about the impact a new methodology, component package or material might have on your process?   These and many other questions can sometimes […]

Equipment Development

For The Electronics Assembly Industry The design and development of process equipment for the Electronics Assembly industry is challenging for a number of reasons. The development cycle from concept to introduction is long The new equipment, over its expected lifetime (usually several years) must have the capabilities to meet future assembly and product requirements Product […]