Brand Awareness

Collateral development

We can create a complete suite of sales brochures and sales materials that enhance your position and project a favorable outside perception in the eyes of your client. We can design new collateral or re-write and edit existing client material to assure that they coordinate with your other electronic and print marketing initiatives.

Media relations

Maintaining a sustained campaign of public relations with your industry associations and relevant trade press is critical to expanding the brand awareness of your company. We create press releases, newsletters and media information on your behalf that continually strengthens your brand awareness and improves your perception throughout your target markets.

Magazine articles

There is no more cost-effective way to promote the corporate identity of your company then by authoring magazine articles. We can research, author and place articles on your behalf in the relevant trade press and online publications that will help to sell your technologies to key decisions makers.

Technical papers

Authoring technical white papers that can be presented at the appropriate industry trade shows and industry association conferences is an excellent method to promote your corporate identity. We are experienced at researching, authoring and placement of white papers that not only sell our client’s technologies to key decisions makers, but can also serve as follow-on sales tools.

Electronic advertising

Developing an electronic newsletter or an effective electronic advertising campaign is an ideal format to convey your sales and marketing message. We can develop creative banner and content rich text advertisements that will reach out to your existing customer base and new sales prospects. We can develop a distinctive design format and layout of an electronic newsletter suitable for electronic distribution in PDF or HTML format suitable for cost-effective distribution.

Corporate Identity

The continual awareness of your product or service within the manufacturing supply chain information is essential to developing and expanding your corporate identity. We are skilled at promoting your company and it’s capabilities within the relevant industry publications to project and maximize a positive corporate image.