Capability, Experience, Expertise, And Accomplishment

ITM Consulting is dedicated to providing strategic management and technical solutions to advance our clients' performance, competitive edge, and understanding of their unique market position and scope.

ITM consultants are committed to providing our clients with prompt, efficient and effective professional advisory services in the most cost-effective manner possible. For our clients, this Commitment to Excellence means:

  • Accurate and Timely Professional Advice
  • Efficient, Result-Oriented Services
  • Insightful and advanced technical analysis
  • Clear, Direct and Responsive Communications
  • Precise, Correct and Complete Documentation
  • A Practical, Business-Oriented Approach
  • Innovative and Creative Problem-Solving Skills
  • Highest Standards of Integrity and Ethics

We believe that our clients are best served when our services not only solve today's problems, but also prepare your company for tomorrow's challenges. ITM's belief in continuous improvement obligates our firm to invest in continuing education, professional development, and community involvement for every consulting associate.

Our commitment to continuous improvement keeps us abreast of new concepts, new technologies, and any changes in the electronics industry that may affect the way our clients do business, market new ideas and products and how they prepare for the future. It is our goal to form long-lasting, collaborative, and mutually rewarding relationships with each and every client.

ITM's Production Services:

  • Equipment and Materials Benchmarking and Development
  • Specification Development
  • Equipment Evaluation & Selection for Contract Assembly and OEMs
  • Assembly Process Evaluation and Trouble Shooting
  • Process Certification
  • Process Setup & Development
  • Lead-Free and No-Clean Roadmapping and Implementation
  • PCB Fabrication Source Qualification

In-House Training

  • SMT Design for Manufacturability
  • SMT Manufacturing
  • Wave and Reflow Soldering
  • Stencil Printing & Inspection
  • Solder Paste Evaluation
  • Lead-Free and No-Clean Roadmapping and Implementation
  • Outsourcing SMT To Contract Assembly

Business Services

  • Outsourcing Services
  • Process Dispute Mediation and Expert Witness
  • Merger & Acquisition Evaluation
  • Sales and Marketing Analysis

Custom programs and services can also be developed to meet specific needs and to keep pace with the ever changing electronics industry.