Lead-Free for the Exemptee

Lead-Free for the Exemptee

Surviving in a Lead-Free World

RoHS is upon us and everyone is affected.   You’re exempt, deferred or “out of scope”  yet much of the industry is going to 100% Lead-free.  This inevitably affects a major portion of your supply chain.  Concurrently, competitive pressures can significantly impact that viability of long-term exemptions.  This creates unique challenges both for your current and future business.

This workshop is designed to be a survival course for the RoHS Exemptee in a Lead-free world. The workshop will help you define and understand the current realities of Lead-free.  Strategies for coping and adapting to the elimination or reduced availability of tin-lead components will be examined and discussed. Issues including Tin Whiskers and Backward Compatibility are examined.  With one of the key reasons for RoHS exemption being that of the difficulty of affirming long-term reliability of lead-free solder joints, testing parameters, acceleration factors, and modeling will also be discussed.
There are, sadly, no “silver bullets”. You must develop a reasonable strategy and this course will guide you by providing the background, current state of the industry and supply chain, as well as with discussion of the most probable trends and  alternative techniques / methodologies for protecting the long-term viability and reliability of your product and business.

nstructor:        Jim Hall and/or Phil Zarrow

Duration:           1 DIay 

Topics Covered:


RoHs & other Legislations

Overall Strategies

Long-Term Reliability Issues

 Long-Term Supply Issues

Backward Compatibility

Backward Comp Strategies



Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for Manufacturing, Process, Design, and Quality Engineering personnel and management of firms who are exempt or deferred from RoHS and are concerned about coping with a Lead-Free SMT assembly world.  This course will be of benefit to both beginners and advanced SMT users.     Most important, it will give your personnel a perspective on what they must be doing if your company’s going to clear the hurdles of lead-free.