SMT Stencil Printing and Inspection



Objectives of the Course:

This  course is intended to give the participant an in-depth understanding of SMT soldering fundamentals.  The various aspects of solder paste including No-clean and water-soluble soldering processes. Fine pitch device and ball grid array requirements, conductive epoxies & adhesives and Reflow of Through-hole will also be covered.  Emphasis is placed on stencil printing and post-print inspection fundamentals.  Inspection technique and parameters are also presented as well as troubleshooting of the  soldering process.

Instructors:           Joe Belmonte, Jim Hall and/or Phil Zarrow

Duration:                1 Day

What  you will learn:

The composition and behavior of solder pastes (including RMA, OA, no-clean and lead-free) and how these affect deposition, reflow, and ultimate solder joint quality

 The fundamentals of solder paste deposition including equipment, stencil technology, and printer control parameters.

Considerations for Reflow Of Through-hole (Pin-in-Paste) Process

Important design considerations for achieving defect-free soldering.

How to troubleshoot soldering problems.



·The SMT Concept

Solder Paste and Adhesives

Solder Paste and Adhesive Printing and Deposition

Post Print Inspection

Solder Printing Troubleshooting

Reflow of Through-hole (Pin-in-Paste) Process


Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for Manufacturing, Process, Design, and Quality Engineering personnel and management who wish to become familiar and comfortable with the SMT solder paste printing process, equipment  and materials.  This course will be of benefit to both beginners and intermediate SMT users.