SMT Solder Paste Evaluation and Qualification

SMT Solder Paste Evaluation and Qualification

terials for most SMT assemblies, yet very few users know how to qualify and evaluate the solder paste appropriate to their process.  This course is intended to provide the participant with an understanding of how to evaluate and select the solder paste best suited for the application including circuit board composition and assembly environment.   There will be an initial discussion of the composition and characteristics of solder paste and how this relates to the assembly process, particularly deposition and reflow.  Comprehensive, yet easy to perform evaluation procedures are then presented to for evaluating and identifying the best qualified solder paste for the process. The course will provide the tools for the participant to properly assess solder paste in his/her facility. 


Instructors:                Phil Zarrow, Joe Belmonte and/or Jim Hall

Duration:                     1/2 day


I.    Solder Paste Basics

What is Solder paste

Metal component

Chemical components

II.   Process Considerations

 Printing and Deposition


Solder Paste Characteristics

III.    Solder Paste Evaluation  Tests

     Quantitative Solder Ball Test

     Residue Evaluation

·    Slump Tests

    Wetting Tests



     Tack Tests

·    Work-life Tests

·     Chip-Shooter Compatibility Test

IV. The Vendor-User Relationship

·         Technical Support

·         Source considerations

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for Manufacturing, Process, and Quality Engineering personnel as well as Management who are involved in the production of surface mount or mixed technology assemblies utilizing solder paste and wish to lower their defect rate through the use of the best solder paste for their respective processes.