SMT Process Training with ITM Certification

SMT PROCESS TRAINING  with ITM Certification


ITM Consulting is the only organization in the industry that offers Training and Certification on specific SMT processes.  These workshops are offered at two levels: 


Level 2 is intended for Process, ManufacturingandQuality Engineers as well as Engineering Managementand is presented at the appropriate Engineer oriented level.


Level 1is intended for Equipment Operators, Techs, and Supervisors.  It has found that empowering line people with basic process knowledge as it pertains to the work they are doing results in higher quality because of the “buy-in” into the process.


Where ITM Certification is to be awarded, a test is included as part of the Workshop.  Participants must get a passing score of 75% in order receive Certification on that particular process.


Solder Paste, Stencils, and Printing:    For engineers and “advanced” operators” who want to thoroughly understand solder paste, stencil design, and printing process. This is a unique course that emphasis the inter-relationships between these three critical elements of the process. In addition to solder paste functional requirements and evaluation methodology (a good prelude to solder paste evaluation testing), the interactions between paste and stencil will be covered including area and aspect ratios and powder types. All aspects of printing will be presented and discussed including proper DOE for set-up, troubleshooting printing defects, post-print inspection and stencil design. (Offered in Level 1 and Level 2 versions)*


Component Placement:    For engineers and “advanced” operators who want to thoroughly understand component placement.  Component types, tooling, equipment types and troubleshooting will be covered. (Offered in Level 1 and Level 2 versions)


Reflow Soldering:  A very comprehensive workshop on reflow soldering for engineers and “advanced” techs.  Will cover profiling and recipe determination, reflow parameters, nitrogen, and troubleshooting.  Also “advanced” techniques for difficult assemblies with complex surface geometries.  May include hands-on work. (Offered in Level 1 and Level 2 versions)


MSD Control:           For engineers and quality and kitting personnel whose responsibilities include component management and control of moisture sensitive devices.  IPC J-Std-033 and other appropriate documentation will be covered.


Wave Soldering and Selective Soldering:       For engineers and advanced techs/operators working with the wave soldering and selective soldering operations, this comprehensive course will cover all aspects of operation, set-up, profiling, maintenance and troubleshooting.  (Offered in separate  Level 1 and Level 2 versions)


Assembly Cleaning:          For engineers, process, manufacturing and quality, as well as techs, responsible for cleaning.  Machine set-up, operation, cleanliness testing techniques and troubleshooting will be discussed.(Offered in Level 1 and Level 2 versions)


DFM Basics:                        For engineers involved with design reviews, interfacing with customer on DFM issues as well as process and manufacturing engineers affected /impeded by the design.  Also for those who will be involved in developing an internal DFM Guidelines document.  All aspects of the assembly process and interactions with design will be examined and discussed.(Offered only in Level 2 version)


These Process Workshops are offered as an ITM Process Certification workshop (or without)


Level 1:  Operators, Line Technicians and Supervisors

Level 2:  Process, Manufacturing and Quality Engineers and Management