Failure Analysis – Assembly Processes


Whether you are struggling with new technologies or a stubborn defect, ITM can help you resolve the problem expeditiously and economically.

Whether lead-free or lead-inclusive, ITM’s experienced consultants, with our proven diagnostic routines and resources can help you determine the source(s) of yield lowering defects as well as improve processes believed to be under control.

Whether it’s in-house or supplier related in materials, printing, placement, soldering (reflow, wave and selective), inspection, handling and/or through-hole – we get your problems resolved.

Most important, ITM’s Process Troubleshooting Analysis and Corrective Action Report help our clients learn how to avoid future problems and become self-sufficient in diagnosing and troubleshooting.

In a weak economy, with engineering staff reductions, the manufacturer might not have the resources and expertise to deal with costly process defects. Each of our consultants have over 25 years experience in Surface Mount Technology – equipment, processes, materials and components. In many cases, we not only know the process, we helped develop it. With our contacts and resources throughout the industry, we uncover the root cause of the defects and resolve them.

ITM keeps up on all the current materials, component, PCB, equipment and process technologies and methodologies. ITM has proven expertise and can help you resolve problems related to:

  • Design for Manufacturabilty Issues
  • Materials
  • PCB Substrate issues
  • Solder paste issues
  • Stencil Printing
  • Material Dispensing
  • Automatic Component Placement
  • SMT Soldering
    • Reflow
    • Vapor-Phase
    • Wave-soldering
    • Selective Soldering
  • Inspection and Repair
    • AOI
    • Manual Inspection
    • X-Ray
  • Conformal Coating
  • Documentation
    • Workmanship Standards
    • DFMA Guidelines
    • Procedures

As defects go down, margins and profitability increase.

Don’t fight a fact, deal with it. Bring ITM’s capable consultants in to help you run lean and efficient.