Process Development and Implementation


ITM can assist you in setting up any assembly process which may be new to your facility, expanding your current process or developing a new capability including:

  • Any Standard Surface Mount Assembly Process
  • Lead-free Process
  • No-clean Process [*note]
  • Reflow of Through-hole
  • Direct Chip Attach
  • Ball Grid Array

[* note] No-Clean Implementation has been so popular that we list is as a separate Service.

ITM's experienced consultants can assist you in start up, process documentation, process control and Assembly Certification and will keep in touch throughout implementation and after.

Starting first with our pre-visit preparation, then an audit of your current assembly process and capabilities and finally process implementation (details below).

Pre-visit Preparation

Prior to ITM's scheduled visit, specific information about your current assembly process, personnel and facility will be queried including information regarding process flow, equipment and materials used or proposed, composition and the characteristics of the surface mount product to be built (if available). This allows preparation that facilitates efficient and expeditious on-site work.

On-Site Audit

An on-site audit is the core of our New Process Implementation consultation. It consists of the following five elements:

  • Initial Meeting

  • Initial Process Examination

  • Interviews

  • New Process Set up and Implementation

  • Detailed Process Examination

Summation Meeting

Upon completion of the New Process Set Up and Implementation, ITM will review its findings and compile a presentation for the Summation Meeting.

On the morning following the completion of the New Process Set Up and Implementation, ITM will review the process changes, control points, etc. It is here that recommendations for further process control will be submitted. These will include actions to resolve specific problems found during implementation as well as issues and directions for improvement.