Proactive Defect Reduction




We often hear or use the terms “World Class Manufacturing” or “Best in Class Manufacturing” in reference to a manufacturing operation or perhaps a competitor’s or supplier’s manufacturing operation. However no formal industry recognized definition of “world class” or “best in class” manufacturing actually exists. There are certainly numerous industry recognized evaluation and certification programs such as ISO and the Malcolm Baldrige Award, but do any of these evaluations and certifications anoint a particular manufacturing operation as “World Class” and/or “Best in Class”? What, then, is the true measure of a world class manufacturing operation? Of course customers are the final judges of a facility’s performance, but what should we be doing to maximize the satisfaction of our customers?

One of the key factors if not The Key Factor in attaining world class or best in class manufacturing status is the approach to developing, controlling, and improving the manufacturing process. A true world class manufacturing operation must have a Proactive Manufacturing Operation Culture that practices a proactive philosophy of defect prevention..

This workshop will detail how a manufacturing operation can transition from a reactive manufacturing culture to a proactive manufacturing culture.


Course Instructors:       Joe Belmonte, Jim Hall and/or Phil Zarrow

Duration:                           1 Day

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction
  • How to recognize a proactive manufacturing culture 
  • The specific training, management, and organizational issues that can make this transition successful.
  • Who must be involved?
  • How to get started?
  • The specificacoactive Defect Reduction in SMT Manufacturingtionsthat must be completed to achieve the transformation
  • Areas of assembly that must be addressed

o       Design (for Manufacturability)

o       Materials selection

o       Stencils and Printing

o       Placement

o       Reflow

How to institutionalize (maintain) a proactive manufacturing culture

  • The process performance benefits of a proactive manufacturing culture