PCB Fabrication Source Evaluation


Finding good, capable sources for bare-PCB supply is difficult. Seldom does the capability to analyze PCB fabrication processes and sources exist in OEM or CEM operations.

PCB fabrication is a complex combination of several processes, any one of which, if not properly controlled, can cause immediate or latent board failure, negatively effect assembly processes (especially soldering), impact delivery schedules and your time-to-market. Worse yet is the mis-qualification of a board supplier that cannot meet your needs from the perspective of production, quality or capability.

ITM Consulting can help you address this need. Our experienced consultants have over 15 years experience in the fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards and can survey and qualify potential or re-qualify current board suppliers.

The client's Procurement Specification will first be reviewed to assure that all key parameters are covered. ITM's consultant will then survey and audit the fabricator's complete process including: pre-engineering, configuration control, materials quality, process and statistical control, and individual elements within the fabrication process.

In addition, our process auditor will review your procurement and compliance documents to ascertain if the fabricator's capabilities match your procurement needs.

Once the audit is complete, you receive a full report highlighting the fabricator's capabilities and whether they meet or are at variance from your needs