Low Volume – High Mix Electronic Manufacturing

Considerations in Low Volume – High Mix Manufacturing


Course Instructors:             Joe Belmonte, Phil Zarrow, Jim Hall, ITM Consulting

Objectives of the Course:

In many regards, Low Volume electronic assembly can be far more demanding than manufacturing high volume of a product.  Add to this a high mix of products and the challenges involved in maintaining quality and efficiency become very perplexing.  Sadly, many low volume – high mix manufacturers succumb to the difficulties and this becomes apparent at the bottom line. 

This workshop examines the complications of low volume assembly and presents concepts and adaptations that work.  Based upon the collective low volume-high mix manufacturing experiences of ITM consultants (Joe Belmonte, Phil Zarrow, Jim Hall, Bob Klenke, Steve Breed and Ron Lasky) Design of process, documentation and inventory management and even application of SPC are all discussed.


Topics Covered

•         What is a Low Volume High Mix Manufacturing Process?

–        Manufacturing culture

–        Ranges of operations

–        Identifying customer requirements ; niche markets

•         Manufacturing Organization

–        Identifying the most efficient manufacturing organization for a low volume high mix manufacturing operation

•         Designing a low volume high mix manufacturing process

–        Specifications: batch size, complexity of products, etc

–        Process flow

–        Process Layout

–        Equipment evaluation and selection

–        Material flow

•         Process Monitoring

–        Using Statistical Process Control (SPC) in a low volume high mix manufacturing process

–        Monitoring and reacting to SPC Charts

–        Process Discipline

–        Developing Effective Work Instructions

–        Critical operation

–        Simple, effective

–        Display at work stations

•         Process Training

–        Developing training programs for operators, technicians, engineers, and management to optimize a low volume high mix manufacturing operation and keep it running efficiently

•         Job Sequencing

–        Determining the sequence of jobs to be built to maximize process utilization

•         Set Up /  Changeover (for individual products)

–        Impact on line utilization

–        Minimizing process set up time

–        “Pit Crew Mentality”

•         Customer Satisfaction

–        Educating customers on DFM and process capabilities



Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for Manufacturing, Process, and Quality Engineering personnel, management and owners who involved in a low volume – high mix electronic manufacturing.  It will give the participant a perspective on how to implement and optimize the low volume-high mix assembly in the most effective manner.