Lean Six-Sigma GREEN BELT

Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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ITM Consulting

Lean Six Sigma is a combined process-improvement methodology that accelerates processes, increases efficiency, and reduces or eliminates variation. Whether you are a CEM or OEM, competition for the same customers is increasing throughout the electronics industry, putting company profits on the line.  Customer expectations are changing rapidly as the rate of information increases and while costs are escalating, margins are shrinking. Now more than ever, achieving process excellence is essential.

The ITM Lean Six Sigma program is electronics assembly industry specific. Unlike other general LSS programs, the ITM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt curriculum focuses on the requirements, parameters and culture as well as the processes, equipment and materials pertinent to electronic assemblers. The program will teach the participant how to:

  • Analyze the root cause of defects and product problems
  • Redesign process flow to accommodate customer and supply chain variability
  • Make informed decisions about cost benefit of a company project
  • Capture and utilize meaningful metrics to help know and grow your business
  • Experiment to determine best practices to deliver quality product


The ITM Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt course is offered as a scheduled workshop on-site at your facility.  Examples used in the class, as well as projects, are not only germane to electronic assembly situations and problems but can be directed towards the specifics of your company.  Successful attainment of the ITM Green Belt will help you solve problems, reduce waste, improve process speed, and eliminate process variation.  You will have the knowledge to help eliminate unnecessary cost and improve the bottom line.

This hands-on workshop is designed for Lean Six Sigma project team members. Participants will become familiar with basic Lean and Six Sigma tools within the context of the DMAIC methodology. Core workshops offer statistical analysis package training (MINITAB or JMP) to conduct and analyze various outputs stemming from experiments in the measurement phase (Statistical Process Control) and the analysis phase (Design of Experiments) in a well-designed Lean Six Sigma project.

Each participant should have their own laptop for this workshop.  Participants are required to download at least the trial copy of a statistical analysis package (i.e. Mini-Tab).

To maintain the high standards of ITM Consulting, we require testing at the Green Belt level before granting certification. An open-notes exam must be completed within 5 days of the last session to be eligible for the Green Belt certificate. The exam is designed to help verify the newly gained knowledge and a score of 70% or greater is necessary to pass the test.

With Green Belt certification, you will be able to manage root cause analysis, process mapping, and a variety of useful process calculations, making an invaluable member of your company’s Lean Six Sigma project team.

Electronics Manufacturing Industry


ITM LSS Green Belt Course Agenda



1.    Continuous Improvement

2.    DMAIC



3.    Intro to LEAN

4.    Visual Mgmt & Mapping



5.    Teams

6.    Student Practice


DAy 4 (AM)

7.    Projects


Day 4 (PM)


8.   Six Sigma: Introduction to Statistics (Minitab will be used in this part of the workshop)



9.   Statistical Process Control (SPC)

10.   Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE)

Case Study Project:

A case study will be derived from a client situation(s) and relevant data. 


Take Home Exam:(4 to 8 hours)

This take home exam is required. (This is an open notes exam and graded on a Pass / Fail basis)



The following 2 books are required for this workshop (for each student)–

Six Sigma Statistics with EXCEL and MINI-TAB

by Issa Bass, 2007

(approximately $25 from Amazon)


ITM Electronics Assembly Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Coursebook

By Dr. Ron Lasky and W. James Hall, ITM Consulting, 2012

($75 from ITM Consulting –  order when  scheduling LSS Greenbelt Workshop


For a detailed Agenda as well as for ordering and scheduling, please contact Phil Zarrow at ITM@ITMconsulting.com  or  phil_)zarrow@ITMconsulting.com