Increasing Assembly Productivity and Profitability with Lean Techniques

Increasing Assembly Productivity and Profitability with Lean Techniques

With the impressive arrays of enterprise software systems available, one would think that electronic assembly productivity would be at an all time high.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Assembly line uptime has stagnated for years at less than 25% in most facilities. 

This situation has cost assemblers countless millions of dollars.  This one-half day workshop will address this need. In the workshop we will cover the fundamentals of productivity: line uptime and line time balancing.  After learning how to measure line uptime, students will use a free copy of the software LineSimulator™ to perform line balancing.  They will then measure the resulting benefits of improved line uptime and line balancing deliver by using a free copy of the cost estimating software  ProfitPro™. The most effective productivity and profitability metric, non-material assembly cost per I/O (NMAC/I/O) will then be discussed and its use explained.

Line auditing and applying lean techniques such as 5S, the seven mudas and process mapping will then be introduced to help the student develop a strategy to improve productivity at their own facility.

The inadequacy of the metric “Cost of Ownership” will be examined and a new metric, “Profitability Potential” will be proposed.

Numerous productivity/profitability scenarios will be analyzed throughout the workshop with LineSumulator™ and ProfitPro™.  Examples from the recently published book, Adventures of Patty and the Professor: Solving the World’s Productivity Problems in Electronic Assembly will be used in the class.  The book will also be provided free to the students.

The workshop will finish with a Productivity and Profitability check list that will help students assess and improve the profitability of their assembly lines.

Instructor:         Dr. Ron Lasky

Duration:            1 Day

What you will learn:

• How to measure line uptime • How to time balance a line using LineSimulator™ • How to measure the effect on profitability of process improvements using ProfitPro™• Learn the benefits of and how to measure NMAC/I/O • How to audit your line for productivity •How to use 5S, the seven mudas and process mapping to improve productivity and profitability • How to understand why “Cost of Ownership is a poor metric and “Profitability Potential” and better one • How to analyze numerous scenarios for productivity and profitability• How to perform a profitability assessment and develop an improvement plan at your own facility