Contamination Failure Analysis

Contamination issues can be both difficult for the manufacturer to track down and very costly with regard to yields and field failures (“escapes”). ITM has experience and expertise in identifying root cause(s) of contamination and recommending directions for mitigating the problem.

ITM works on-site to examine the entire assembly process –from “dock to stock” –from bare PCBs through final packaging. We then drill down expeditiously identify all the possible causes. We work several notable FA Labs that specialize in cleaning/contamination issue to identify the nature of the contamination. ITM then interprets the FA lab info and co-relates it with our on-site findings. This allows us to recommend accurate corrective and preventative actions.

So consider bringing in ITM Consulting and stop playing process “whack-a-mole” spending tens of thousands of dollars (or more) and jeopardizing customer relationships. ITM can resolve the problem efficiently and economically.