Considerations in On-Shoring /Regionalizing Electronic Manufacturing





Many electronic manufacturers are experiencing increasing difficulties with off-shoring their manufacturing.  These challenges include increasing supply-chain problems costs, loss of control of IP, delays in deliveries, problem resolution, and implementing design changes, inventory costs, among others.  As a result many OEMs are considering bringing their electronic assembly "back home" to North America. 

ITM has extensive experience in both Process Auditing as well as assisting OEMs in evaluating, selecting and monitoring CEMs. This course will familiarize the participants with the techniques and methodologies for evaluating, selecting and working with North American contract assemblers. This Workshop provides participants with an understanding of the outsourcing process from start to finish. It reviews PCB design principles, basic assembly processing, supplier selection concerns and the fundamentals of maintaining a successful and on-going relationship with the chosen suppliers. Checklists for both qualifying and for on-going evaluation of contract assemblers are provided and key to the seminar. This course gives knowledgeable insight into the behind-the-scenes activity at the contract manufacturer as well as an unbiased view of typical procurement activities.

Instructor: Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall


Duration: 1/2 Day


What you will learn:


o    The different types of contract assembly houses – they are not all the same

o    The effects of volume, schedule, and process requirements of the assemblies on the contract assembler relationship.

o    How to determine which contract manufacturers are best suited for your application.

o    How to qualify contract manufacturers.

o    The importance of proper PCB design on maximizing the contract assembly relationship.

o    The importance of effective and timely communication

o    How to put together a contract manufacturer Qualification Checklist.

o    How to put together a contract manufacturer Evaluation Checklist.






I   Advantages of Re-shoring/Regionalization of electronic manufacturing to North America

·         Business and Logistical Advantages

·         Supply Chain Advantages


II  Contract Manufacturer Selection Criteria and Considerations

·         ·Why Do Companies Outsource?

·         Qualification Team

·         Strategic Factors Affecting Qualification and Selection

·         Ongoing Business Relationship

III  Outsourcers’ Perspectives Of and Issues With Contract Assembly

·         Growth of the Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry (EMSI)

·         Perspective of Competition

·         Control of Quality

·         Service Issues

·         Research and Development Issues

·         Others

IV  Optimizing the Contract Assembly Relationship

·         Design for Manufacturability


·         Communications


·         Preparation for future growth


V  Contract Assembly Qualification Checklist

·         Facility

·         Workmanship Standards

·         Inspection

·         Equipment

·         Business Structure

·         Other



Who Should Attend:

The course should be attended by manufacturing, process, quality and design engineering and management as well as those individuals who are involved or will be involved in outsourcing of SMT product to contract assembly. Managers and engineers engaged in selecting and interfacing with contract assembly firms will benefit from the course. The information provided in this course will allow them to make informed decisions and optimize their relationship with the CEM.