Advanced On-Site Workshops



These On-Site Workshops are intended for Process, Manufacturing and Quality Engineers and Management  (Level 2 Personnel).


Bleeding Edge Technologies:    An ITM signature workshop that addresses advanced component, material and process technologies. Printing/stencil characteristics and other aspects of processing micro-passives (0201s, 01005s), QFNs, and lead-free will be covered and discussed.


Lean Manufacturing: Valuable to all employees, but particularly engineering and management,  this course presents an overview of Lean Manufacturing theory and tools. Based upon very its very successful development at Toyota, Lean has evolved into the primary system of continuous improvement throughout industry, world-wide. Covering the foundation concepts of value, waste, and through-put speed and presenting the basic tools of 5-S, mapping, etc., it will provide a good introduction or review for the ongoing Lean initiatives in the industry.


Process Engineer Certification Preparation:  For engineers, manager and techs that plan to take the SMTA Process Engineer Certification course, this comprehensive course will “fill in the knowledge gaps”.    


SMT Troubleshooting:  This course is intended to provide the participant with an understanding of how to identify and correct most SMT assembly problems. Vendor and design related problems will be thoroughly examined.  A step-by-step investigation of the assembly process with their related problems and remedies will help the participant achieve high-yield manufacturing.  Workmanship standards are also presented and discussed.


Identifying Failure Mechanisms:            For engineers, process, manufacturing, and quality personnel. Using stencil printing and wave soldering as descriptive examples, this course will present the techniques and procedures of failure