10 Deadly Sins of SMT and Lead-free Assembly

The Deadly Sinse of SMT and Lead Free Assembly

During the course of our assembly process audits and troubleshooting work, we tend to see trends in the types of errors and problems. In other words, a lot of people are making the same mistakes. The resulting process problems wreak havoc with an impact on assembly yields ranging from 5 to 20%.

In addition to this direct cost, there is also additional financial impact with regard to time spent reworking and repairing, the on corrective action by QC, Engineering and Management, and, of course, "do-over".

This workshop identifies the "deadly sins" of SMT assembly, both for Pb-free and "leaded" processes. Besides the symptoms and consequences of each type of error, root-cause, rectification and prevention techniques will be presented.

The workshop will, thus, provide the participant with an understanding of how to identify and correct the most common SMT assembly problems. It will include identification of vendor and source problems including components and materials as well as design related problems.

Instructors:       Phil Zarrow and/or Jim Hall

Duration:            1 Day

Topics Covered:

  1. The 10 Deadly Sins

    • Why 10?
    • The Process Audit
    • The 10 Deadly Sins of SMT Assembly
  2. Solder Paste Printing

    • Common Problems and Resolution

      • Solder paste and Materials related
      • Printer Set-up related
  3. Component Placement

    • Common Problems and Resolution

      • Supplier and Material related problems
      • Program related
      • Wasted capacity
  4. Reflow

    • Common Problems and Resolution

      • Profile
      • Nitrogen usage
      • Data
  5. Wave-Soldering

    • Common Problems and Resolution

      • Machine related
      • Materials related
  6. Repair, Rework and Touch-up<

    • Common Problems and Resolution

      • HV leaks
      • Repetitive defects after wave
  7. SPC
  8. Documentation
  9. MSD
  10. Design Related
  11. Lean Manufacturing

    • Lean vs. Anorexic
    • Productivity

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for Manufacturing, Process, Design, Test and Quality Engineering personnel as well as Management who are involved in the production of surface mount or mixed technology assemblies